Do Those Who are Born as Hebrews Have to Accept Yahshua as Messiah?

There is a teaching out there called "plural covenant theology" which teaches that Jews can be saved without accepting Yahshua as Messiah.  This teaching is simply false.   In Deut. 18:19 the Torah says of those who do not give heed to the Messiah once he has come "I [Elohim] will require it of him."  What does this mean?   The Targum Onkelos to this phrase is even stronger saying "My Word (MEMRA) shall take vengeance upon him" and similarly the Greek Septuagint translator rendered the phrase "I shall take vengeance upon him."

The Targums also identify the Memra as the Messiah:   1 Behold, my servant, the Messiah, whom I bring, my chosen in whom one delights:   as for my Word [MEMRA], I will put my Holy Spirit upon Him; He shall reveal my judgment unto the nations.   2 He shall not cry aloud, nor raise a clamor, and He shall not lift up His voice in the street.   3 The meek who are like a bruised reed He shall not break, and the poor who are as a glimmering wick with Him, He will not quench: He shall bring forth judgment unto truth.   4 He shall not faint nor be weary, till He have established judgment in the earth; and the isles shall wait for His Torah. (Targum Jonathan to Isaiah 42:1-4)

And the Targum Jonathan also identifies the Messiah with the "servant" in Isiah 53    Behold, My Servant the Messiah shall prosper; he shall be exalted and great and very powerful.   (Targum Jonathan on Is. 52:13)   NOW THE HEBREW PEOPLE CAN TRY AS MUCH AS THEY MAY TO TEACH THAT THIS IS A DISCRIPTION OF THE SUFFERING OF THE HEBREW PEOPLE IN GENERAL BUT WE KNOW FOR SURE THIS IS YAHSHUA, & THE REJECTION OF THIS FACT IS THE REJECTION OF SALVATION FROM YAHSHUA.

It is the will of YAHWEH to purify and to acquit as innocent the remnant of His people, to cleanse their souls of sin, so that they may see the Kingdom of their Messiah, have many sons and daughters, enjoy long life, and observe the Torah of YAHWEH, prospering according to his will.(Targum Jonathan on Is. 53:10)

The Zohar says of Isaiah 53:  

In the Garden of Eden there is a hall that is called the "hall of the afflicted." Now it is into this hall that the Messiah goes and summons all the afflictions and pains and sufferings of Israel to come upon him. And so they all come upon him. And had he not eased the children of Israel of their sorrow, and taken their burden upon himself, there would be none who could endure the suffering of Israel in penalty of neglecting the Torah. Thus it is written: "Surely our diseases he did bear and our pains he carried." (Is. 53:5) As long as the children of Israel dwelt in the Holy Land, they averted all afflictions and sufferings from the world by the service of the sanctuary and by sacrifice. But now it is the Messiah who is averting them from the habitants of the world.(Zohar 2:212a)

And the Mishnah explains the phrase "I will require it of him" to mean "death at the hands of heaven":   "HIS DEATH IS AT THE HANDS OF HEAVEN. FOR IT IS WRITTEN, [AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS, THAT WHOSOEVER WILL NOT HEARKEN UNTO MY WORDS WHICH THE PROPHET SHALL SPEAK IN MY NAME.] I WILL REQUIRE IT OF HIM (DEUT. 18:19)."(m.San. 11:5)

And as it is again said in the Gemara:  

But he who suppresses his prophecy, or disregards the words of a prophet, or a prophet who transgresses his own words is slain by Heaven, for it is written, All it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken [yishma']: now this may be understood [as implying] to proclaim' and 'hearkening himself' unto my words; and the verse concludes, I will require it of him (Deut. 18:19), i.e., [he shall be slain] by Heaven.   0(b.San. 89a)   Now on the one hand the Messiah can "endure [your] suffereing... in penalty for neglecting Torah" but on the other hand the Messiah can "take vengeance" so that you have a "death at the hands of heaven." One sounds like "salvation"... the other does not.

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