We see from the Bible that:

1. Tithing was required under the Levitical Law.

2. The tithe, ten percent, was to be on the increase of one’s income.

3. The tithe was to be used for celebrating ELOHIM as well as for the support of the Levites, the homeless, the fatherless, and the widows.

4. At times, the priests would abuse the tithing system by keeping the best for themselves, while caring little for the needy.

5. After the sacrifice of YAHSHUA for mankind’s sins, the Ceremonial Law, including the practice of circumcision and tithing, was annulled.

6. Paul, the apostles, and YAHSHUA, Himself, accepted free-will gifts and support from friends.

7. There is no Biblical record that Paul, the apostles, or YAHSHUA ever accepted tithes, paid tithes, or were sustained by tithes.

8. The sacrificial system, with its priests who offered sacrifices, was supplanted by YAHSHUA, our High Priest, sitting on the right hand of ELOHIM, and serving as our mediator before the Father.

9. YAHSHUA tells us that if we want to be counted among the righteous at His second coming, we must serve the needs of His children, the poor, the hungry, the naked, the homeless, and the imprisoned , the Widow , etc.

Unfortunately, many Christian churches have decided that they : (1) will flaunt Paul’s instruction, (2) pay their pastors salaries and bonuses from money raised through a dead, distorted tithing scheme, and (3) ignore the self- supporting physical labor and volunteerism of YAHSHUA and Paul as models for the modern Christian pastor and church.

In addition, by continuing to practice tithing of the Ceremonial Law, churches tacitly accept a dead ceremonial requirement and, by so doing, reject the blood and priesthood of YAHSHUA, our only Savior and Mediator.

For church leaders to distort scripture for egocentric purposes, is inexcusable both intellectually and morally. Such action is especially indefensible by those leaders who pledge to lead their flocks into truth and right as the Bible teaches truth and right!

Whether you are a payer or receiver of tithe, what will you do with truth? Your answer to that question will, no doubt, have eternal consequences! May ELOHIM give you strength to stand for truth as you determine to feed His needy sheep, to follow His Word, and to be counted among His children at His second coming!


Will you and your church continue to count spiritual success in terms of membership growth, buildings, and tithe increase for even higher pastoral salaries, or will you and your church provide for that little urchin?

Remember, it was our Master who called that little boy His brother! What will you do with your Saviors brother?What will you do with that child? Finally, what will you do with YAHSHUA?

Instead of pursuing tithe growth, have you noticed where in the churches today are the orphanages, the homeless shelters and a place for widows who needed help. Did not James write: Pure religion and undefiled is this: to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction… Js. 1:27 And did not YAHSHUA want to to look after the needy in our midst more than giving to so-call stewardship of the church. Isa. 58:

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