Torah of The Heart

Walking in Torah must not be empty and detached, simply going through the motions. Observing Torah flows from our SPIRIT in Torah.

The Torah is the very expression of the mind of YAHSHUA. When the SPIRIT of Torah RESIDES in our understanding it gives birth to a knowledge of Torah within us. This Torah within us unites with our mind and manifests itself in what we think, what we say and what we do, thus overcoming the evil inclination within us and uniting us with the mind of OUR FATHER YAHWEH, thus “cleaving” to YAHSHUA. We do not walk in Torah as one trying to earn something, or with the mind of a reward, for its sake, but to bring us closer to YAHSHUA, out of the love and awe that we have for OUR ELOHIM.

This SPIRIT of Torah is clear in the TORAH.

The House of Shammai took the phrase “when you lie down and when you rise up.” (Deuteronomy 6:7) to mean that the shema should literally be said lying down and standing up.

But the House of Hillel taught that this simply referred to the time at which people lie down and the time at which people rise up, and not to the position in which one recites the shema.

Note that the House of Shammai were concerned primarily with the outward expression, with whether one was standing or reclining, while the House of Hillel were less concerned with such outward expression and much more concerned with the way in which one recited the Shema, that they made it their own way, that they meant it and walked in it. Note the difference in emphasis of the two houses.

Hillel was more concerned with the inner man, while Shammai was more concerned with the outer man. Hillel was concerned with the Spirit of the Law, while Shammai was more concerned with the Letter of the Law.

Again, the act of Torah observance must not be an empty matter of going through the motions, it must proceed from our observance of Torah in OUR SPIRIT MAN.

The Torah and YAHSHUA are one & the same. When we study & walk in Torah, the Wisdom of Torah transforms Us in our Understanding and gives birth to Knowledge of Torah further transforming Us . This is what is meant by having the Torah in our inward parts. Since the Torah and the Messiah are one & the same, this is also having the Messiah live within us. The Messiah within us is a spark of OUR CREATOR MESSIAH YAHSHUA within us, a second soul. While our animal soul has an inclination to do evil, this second soul has an inclination to do good. This helps us to overcome our evil inclination. This occurs as SPIRITUAL Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge of Torah within us which flows from our mind down to our emotions, resulting in a love for Elohim that inclines us to keep the positive commandments, and awe for Elohim that inclines us not to violate the negative commandments. It should be our first response to put OUR FATHER ELOHIM first in all things that inward spiritual move should transform our lives.

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